Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sam meets Jerry Seinfeld in QATAR

These dreams were had on 4.3.2011

I've recently started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and just finished the first season. In my first dream that night, i dreamt that i was watching, or starring in, the second season of Curb, and that the second season was like a new season of Seinfeld, except it was in a black and gold colourscheme (like black and white). It still had the same humour and laughtrack (yes, there was a laughtrack in my dream). I remember driving around with Jerry and George in a car. It was rad.

Then i woke up in the middle of the night and went to the toilet.

Afterwards, when i fell asleep again, i dreamt that i went to QATAR, a middle eastern country I've been to before in transit for a few days, except it was much more futuristic, a lot like what i would think New York is like; huge television screens everywhere advertising useless crap. Everyone had great new technology, however it was still noticably the same country. All of the streets still had a a memorable grey and green colourscheme. Then i remember that i went to some kind of Lindt chocolate factory there.



  1. Dreams are awesome. I think keeping this journal has lead me to have cooler dreams so i can write about more interesting things here