Saturday, 5 March 2011

The first dream.

Had a weird dream last night. My family (mum, dad and brother) and I went on some huge ship, like a cruise ship, but it wasn’t fancy at all. More like an industrial ocean liner, but let’s just call it a cruise ship. We were put into this really small detachable shuttle thing at the bottom of the ship, like an escape pod or something. But it had no windows and we barely fit in it. One side of the pod was a mirror while there were small air vents like those on airplanes on the top giving us fresh air. There was light and it was a green colour; very fallout 3. For some reason we were all happy and excited to be on this cruise ship thing even though our area was a shithole.

While we were there a few times our pod like thing detached from the main ship and we went on small glides through the ocean. When that happened the ‘camera’ in my dream went from first person to some kind of cinematic third person view so I could tell where we were going.

Then after a while something weird happened, my parents just vanished from the pod, unexplained but it made sense in the dream. So it was just me and my brother sitting alone in this tiny space with the cool breeze of the air vents blowing down on us.

Then the air vents turned off, I panicked and I woke up.

Originally posted 28.2.2011

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  1. wow this sounds sick. gotta try this some time