Friday, 25 March 2011

Youtube Meme Festival

Last night I dreamt that I was at a party, then a mosh pit formed which I was at the front of, shit was getting tense and then a transvestite that was in the mosh next to me licked my cheek.

I also remember having some kind of romantic fling with Rebecca Black (Friday).

In my dream I vowed to never mosh again, and then I woke up. That is all that I remember.

I think it has to do with this video I watched yesterday, it completely destroyed my mind.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

School Days

Last night I went back to school, in my dream of course. I remember being in one of the computer labs on my new netbook I've recently bought, with some random asian guy that was the IT administrator of the school in my dream, but in reality he was just some guy. The asian man was extremely jealous of my wireless mouse. So, I told him that if he could get me to my school records so that I could delete that one detention I received in High School I would give him the mouse.

I don't remember how we got here, but we were in some underground hallways that were nothing like anything from my school, with my old school teachers walking through them discussing teacherly things. This area was strictly teachers only, so me and this asian guy were stealthily moving through the hallways approaching the permanent records.

Then, we were ambushed by teachers, they were approaching from both sides to us, so we ducked into a room which was for some reason filled with boxes of blue Gatorade. So we hid behind the boxes, hoping that we would not be caught by the teachers. Luckily, they passed us and everything was cool.

Just as we were getting up to go back into the hallways my ex-homegroup teacher walked into the room, and she said 'Sam, you really didn't think you could get away with this, right?'

Then i woke up.

My homegroup teacher was always a bitch.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Learning aikido with Albert.

I finally had another dream. Seems like me ranting about not dreaming helps me dream or something. I dreamt that I was hanging out with my friend Albert, who does a martial art called Aikido. In the dream I asked him if he could teach me some aikido, so within what felt like 10 minutes I had become some kind of aikido master. It was amazing; I was punching at the speed of light and doing great flips.

Then, this other guy I know called Peter comes into the room and we get into a huge verbal arguement. Peter is infamous for always getting into arguements with others, and this time it was about how he thought that hapkido was the superior martial art compared to aikido (he does hapkido and Albert does aikido in real life). I do not remember the details of their arguement, but i do remember Peter became much angrier than Albert.

Then after a while i became fed up with their arguement; it was pointless. Both sides had valid points which I do not recall the details of, but they must have been valid or the next thing would not have happened. Please note that in the second paragraph I called Peter 'some guy I know', not a friend. So I got into the arguement on Alberts side, since Albert is the greater friend here, but Peter would not give up the arguement even though I had now clearly tipped it towards aikido>hapkido.So Albert and I became fed up and beat up Peter. In the dream it seemed like the right thing to do.

I don't remember much more than that from the dream, all I know is that I hate hapkido, whatever it actually is.

Also, a few of you people following my blog seem to think that all of the dreams that I have posted here are lucid dreams, which is incorrect. These have so far only been normal dreams that I have had the night before except that one with Metallica. The goal of this blog is to lucid dream, not to just talk about my awesome lucid dreams that I'm having.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

An update to the followers of this blog.

I just wanted my loyal followers to know that this blog is not dead, i just have not had any dreams, that i can remember anyway, recently. I guess that metallica lucid dream must have somehow effected my ability to dream or something.

Either way, just stay tuned. The dreams will come, i promise.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lucid Dreaming with Metallica

Last night I had a great dream. I was at my old high school oval which a Metallica concert was at. I didn't have a ticket so i was at the concert illegally, all of my friends thought that I was some kind of awesome rebel. I was with one of my best friends which happened to live across the street from my highschool. As Metallica was playing Sad But True, i had an in-dream realisation. I asked my friend if he lived across the street from the school, and he said no.

Thats when i realized i was in a dream.

So i ran up on stage and punched James Hetfield in the face. No consequences

it was great. I don't know if this lucid dream was because of this journal im keeping, but its great to see some results so early on.

Sam meets Jerry Seinfeld in QATAR

These dreams were had on 4.3.2011

I've recently started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and just finished the first season. In my first dream that night, i dreamt that i was watching, or starring in, the second season of Curb, and that the second season was like a new season of Seinfeld, except it was in a black and gold colourscheme (like black and white). It still had the same humour and laughtrack (yes, there was a laughtrack in my dream). I remember driving around with Jerry and George in a car. It was rad.

Then i woke up in the middle of the night and went to the toilet.

Afterwards, when i fell asleep again, i dreamt that i went to QATAR, a middle eastern country I've been to before in transit for a few days, except it was much more futuristic, a lot like what i would think New York is like; huge television screens everywhere advertising useless crap. Everyone had great new technology, however it was still noticably the same country. All of the streets still had a a memorable grey and green colourscheme. Then i remember that i went to some kind of Lindt chocolate factory there.


These dreams are uninteresting

The night before last i did not have a dream, so nothing was posted.

The biggest thing on my mind is studying, so naturally last night i dreamt of studying. Then, i remember my friend was masturbating in a room, then his ex walked in as he ejaculated.

fun times.

Originally posted 2.3.2011

The first dream.

Had a weird dream last night. My family (mum, dad and brother) and I went on some huge ship, like a cruise ship, but it wasn’t fancy at all. More like an industrial ocean liner, but let’s just call it a cruise ship. We were put into this really small detachable shuttle thing at the bottom of the ship, like an escape pod or something. But it had no windows and we barely fit in it. One side of the pod was a mirror while there were small air vents like those on airplanes on the top giving us fresh air. There was light and it was a green colour; very fallout 3. For some reason we were all happy and excited to be on this cruise ship thing even though our area was a shithole.

While we were there a few times our pod like thing detached from the main ship and we went on small glides through the ocean. When that happened the ‘camera’ in my dream went from first person to some kind of cinematic third person view so I could tell where we were going.

Then after a while something weird happened, my parents just vanished from the pod, unexplained but it made sense in the dream. So it was just me and my brother sitting alone in this tiny space with the cool breeze of the air vents blowing down on us.

Then the air vents turned off, I panicked and I woke up.

Originally posted 28.2.2011

My Dream Journal

I’m Sam and I’m going to be keeping a dream journal here. The main goal of this journal is to lucid dream. For those of you that don’t know what that is, lucid dreaming is when you are in a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming. I’ve read that keeping a dream journal can help you to lucid dream since dream information is lost quickly after you wake up. When you force your brain to retain the data (even temporarily), it gets a higher priority for memory committal. Forcing dreams into short/long term memory has the consequence of increasing your conscious interaction within them, hence lucid dreaming will gradually become more occurant in your dream sequences.

So that is the goal. Maybe I’ll learn something about myself through this experience.

originally posted  27.2.2011