Sunday, 3 April 2011

Nostalgia Fair

Last night i dreamt that I was at a party with all of my old friends from Primary school (elementary school for you American followers) which i really hadn't seen together since my primary schooling days. Maybe I should actually organize something for those guys, it's been too long. Anyway, the party was great and near the end some of the guys told me about a fair that was happening tomorrow which just happened to be located at a park near my house. So i drove home and went to sleep, waking up and going to the fair. And yes, I went to sleep in my dream. Thinking back, this is extremely weird.

So in the morning I went to the fair, I met up with my friends from the night before and we jumped the wall inside. There was a secluded fenced off area at the fair that we went towards. Soon we found out that to get into this area you had to fight in groups of 12 or so and the single winner would be allowed in, so naturally we wanted to get in, even though from this side of the fence it looked like a really deserted and uneventful area. The exclusivity was too highly desired to pass.

The other people that were in this fight orgy alongside me and my friends were mostly middle-aged and extremely tall and strong. So I lost the brawl but one of my friends, Alastair, somehow won it, and so he was allowed into the secluded area.

Then I jumped the fence into the secluded area and hanged out with Alastair for the rest of the dream. The area was like a two story apartment complex that had a central court area, with just one security guard driving around in a golf caddy keeping random people from getting in. I guess he didn't realize I lost the initiation fight.

Then the dream got interesting. The court area had corridors branching off from it, so Alastair and I walked into one of them randomly. The corridor was very dark but there was enough light so that we could see where we were going. The dream was getting really spooky. Beforehand I saw the golf caddy patrolling through the corridors, in which the car barely fit through. As we were walking through the corridors we heard the engine from the golf car getting louder and louder; closer and closer. Alastair and I started running as fast as we could through the corridors so the car wouldn't catch us. Then we saw the two headlights appear from in front of us. It accelerated towards us and as it got closer there was a loud laughter emanating from the security guard driving the car. We were going to die.

Then I woke up to the sound of the neighbour's lawn mower. Why must he mow the lawn at such early hours I will never understand.

Why do dreams always end before the good part.


  1. You realized you were dreaming I guess?! Good post mate, thanks for sharing!

  2. well that's right dreams mostly end before the good part